Torsion springs/rotational springs

We’ve got rotational/torsion springs sorted. Which means that they can be adapted extremely flexibly to your requirements. These cylindrical coil springs, which we produce from round wires with a constant diameter, have a linear torque characteristic curve. Since the material is mainly subject to bending, these rotational springs are also defined as spatially coiled flexible springs. The force or torque is introduced via the leg at the beginning and end of the springs – they can be adapted to your requirements in many ways.

The torsion rotational springs in our warehouse are made of stainless steel and are subject to the quality requirements for col-coiled rotational springs (DIN 2194, degree 1).

Rotational springs should be stressed in the direction of the coil. But they can also be stressed in the other direction, provided that they do not exceed the stated and permitted spring torques. The calculated values apply to permanently clamped legs and a quasi-static stress.

The advantages of torsion springs/rotational springs:

  • Linear torque characteristic curve
  • Flexible design to your requirements
  • They transmit a torque and save a twisting motion

That is why they are used, for example, in mechanical and plant engineering, many consumer goods and the motor and electronics industry.