Success Story

If we look at the past, we can see that we can look to the future with confidence. Because 40 years of experience in the construction and production of technical springs, continuous growth and the consistent expansion of our range make one thing clear: In the future, too, we will continue to convince our customers with the best quality.

This year, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our company. Our website is also being given a contemporary design.

Our factory in Plauen is now being extended for the 4th time in succession since it was founded in 1995.

We once again showed our strength in our anniversary year. We presented our power pack Anakonda, a supermassive high-performance compression spring, in our new springs catalogue as a standard spring ex stock with up to 50,000 N!

The continuously positive development of our company necessitated a move for the Plauen Factory. We remained faithful to the town of Plauen in the Vogtland region and built a new building that was realised according to the best standard of the time. Fitted with air conditioning, heat recovery technology and flooded with natural daylight, it offers ideal working conditions. The much larger production area enabled us to design optimum work flows.

At the same time, we also expanded our fleet of machinery in order to continue to meet the our customers’ most varied needs. Now they can also order any number of high-performance springs with wire thicknesses of up 26 mm.

We not only greatly increased the production area of all of the factories—it now covers a total of 7,000 square metres,—the number of our employees also rose to 48.

Our factory in Plauen was extended for the 3rd time. Once again we invested in the fleet of machinery and also offered our customers volume production of chassis springs twisted to the right or left with wire thicknesses of up to 18mm. Our performance was documented in an impressive figure: the production area of all factories together totalled 4,500 square metres.

The new springs catalogue presented our customers with a selection of more than 7,000 standard springs.

The positive development of our company required the extension of our factory in Pfullingen to 3,000 square metres.

Due to constant growth, the Plauen factory was extended for the 2nd time. With a larger fleet of machinery, we were able to mass produce springs from wire thicknesses of up to 14 mm. The total production area was 2,500 square metres, 1,100 square metres of which was in the Plauen Factory.

And there was another success for us this year: We received the European patent for high-performance springs made of oval wire.

The Plauen Factory was adapted and expanded in line with company development. The fleet of machinery was strengthened so that the mass production of springs from wire thicknesses of up to 12 mm could begin. The total production area was 2,100 square metres, 700 square metres of which was manufacturing space in the Plauen Factory.

Our customers received written confirmation of our quality: the QA system was certified to ISO 9001.

We were the first spring manufacturers to present our standard springs interactively on CD-ROM – at the same time, the catalogue provided a detail insight into more than 6,000 items.

The Plauen site started operations with 300 square metres of manufacturing space in Saxony.

The company was developing very well: we moved the company headquarters and more than doubled the manufacturing space at our main factory in Pfullingen to 900 square metres. By this point our standard springs catalogue already comprised 2,500 items.

Founding of Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH in Pfullingen-Unterhausen. We manufactured standard and special springs with wire thicknesses of up to 5mm. Our standard springs catalogue contained 2,000 items for our customers to choose from.