Quality starts with the wire!

We pay particular attention to the consistently high quality of our springs. This starts right with the choice of suppliers. We procure our raw materials only from reputable manufacturers directly. Specialists in our development departments and in production guarantee the best quality.

Furthermore, we are the first manufacturer to supply standard springs in accordance with DIN and factory standards according to quality grade 1 = fine without a surcharge.

The right choice of materials and the individual components is key for the perfect functioning of machines and plants.

Knörzer springs made of “high-quality spring steel” correspond to material No. EN 10270-1 SH/DH (item No. 1 of the materials table for cold-coiled springs).

Knörzer springs made of “stainless steel” are corrosion-resistant and suitable for use with foodstuffs. They correspond to material No. EN 10270-3, 1.4310 (item No. 4 of the materials table for cold-coiled springs).

Knörzer volute springs are made of spring bronze (item No. 10 of the materials table for cold-coiled springs). Thanks to their good electrical conductivity they are particularly suitable as battery compartment springs.

Knörzer’s QA system is certified according to DIN/ISO 9001. Click here to download the ISO certificate.


Batch-to-Batch Variation
If you reorder a warehouse spring, the data sheet and the accompanying documents of the last batch, and thus the tolerances of the previous batch, are noted. When changing from the old to the new batch, the forces of the springs thus vary from each other by a maximum of 6%. The variation within a batch is max. +/- 3%. The individual batches are stored separately and managed on the “first in first out” (fifo) principle. All other tolerances are for compression springs in accordance with DIN 2095 fine, quality grade 1.

Upon request, we will issue you with a test certificate with complete production documentation and a materials certificate. The additional costs will be based on actual work required.