Tension springs made of stainless and spring steel

Cylindrical Version and Loop Shapes

We manufacture in accordance with the quality regulations for cold-coiled tension springs (DIN 2097, degree 2). The springs are right-coiled. And the tension spring loops have the shape or half or full German loops and are offset by 180 degrees. They are closed with opening width m = 0. If you need different eyelet shapes, recommended according to DIN 2097, we will be happy to supply them at short notice. Naturally, we also produce special loop shapes according to your drawings or samples. Please note here that the tension spring material is subjected to the greatest stresses at the base of the loop. This is especially the case for dynamically stressed springs – which is why we are happy to advise you as to which shape is the best for your application.

You receive our tensions springs ex stocks with a whole German loop (see PDF Loop Shapes Fig. 3).


Pre-stress force:
The coiled pre-stress force F0 depends on the manufacturing process, winding and coiling. High pre-stress forces can save some of the overall length of a tension spring – however, the spring characteristic curve then no longer follows the origin. If the stress is less than the pre-stress force, the tension spring is not stretched.


Stacks of tension springs made of stainless steel and spring steel
They correspond to the dimensions of the springs from our online shop, but are 1 m long and available in the materials 1.1200 and 1.4310. With the stacks, at short notice you can realise interim solutions that you cannot find in our shop. Naturally, we also produce stacks with lengths of up to 40 m to order.

Prior to use, the springs should be heat-treated:
material 1.1200: 220°C / 1 hour
material 1.4310: 300°C / 1 hour

Stacks of springs are also ideally suited as buckle protection for hoses and cables.


The advantages of tension springs:

  • Linear characteristic curves
  • Various eyelet shapes available
  • Pre-stressing saves overall length
  • Stacks of tension springs for interim solutions at short notice