With the “ANAKONDA” range, Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH is launching a new class of supermassive, high-performance compression springs with an extremely compact design. The force has been doubled without enlarging the external diameter. Thanks to the new technology, springs can be manufactured that achieve up to 50,000 N (= 5 tonnes).

In the process, a relatively conventional round wire spring steel is specially hardened under inert gas vacuum and an automated and reliable process, as a result of which the design of springs and materials are optimised relatively gently, but definitely and purposefully. This opens up completely new opportunities for the use of strong, but compact compression springs.

A better quality surface and the standard sealing with Delta Tone silver underline the strong values. The ANAKONDA is extremely strong, long-lasting, more-or-less rust-free and can be used at up to 155° Celsius.

Thanks to state-of-the-art automation and production technology, we can offer the highest levels of quality at affordable prices.