Seeking New Ways, Finding Innovative Solutions

If you question what's there, you can create something new – that’s why we’re continuously working on optimising the entire field of spring technology. This results in ever smaller, lighter, stronger and more reliable technical springs that also meet permanently rising demands.

To do this, we use synergistic effects from shared engineering with our partners just as much as the many positive aspects of production from a single source. Whether engines for motor sport or fast robot grippers in machine construction – our customers benefit from many innovative solutions, as clearly demonstrated by patents and milestones.


Quality from the Outset

Construction and Calculation Service

We calculate very carefully – as can be confirmed by our experience. With springs calculated and manufactured by us, you are guaranteed to achieve a better performance. And you don’t even have to do anything special, because standard calculation doesn’t cost our customers a thing.

But we can offer even more in terms of service: whether choosing the right spring or advice, from a new design to optimising existing requirements – we are experts and are happy to be there for you as you request.

Just send us a sample or the data with the relevant information (e.g. mandrel/sleeve, forces, operating temperature, corrosion-resistance, duty cycle, etc.) and we will consider all of the parameters (e.g. surface, batch control, technology, position, dynamics, deflection with the voltage peaks that this causes, standardisation and developments) and specifically choose favourable numbers of coils, dimensions, coil conditions, materials and technologies.

Thanks to our expertise, we can also offer you possible special treatments by means of which you often achieve higher performance above and beyond the standard.

At Federntechnik Knörzer you’ll have plenty of choice, but always guaranteed quality!