Data Protection Declaration

General Data Protection Information according to GDPR and German Federal Data Protection Act (new)
for using the Website
and Webshop of and
As of 25/05/2018
Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH is the operator of the website with webshop and
Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH  is the data controller according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and within the meaning of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). This means that it is responsible for the processing and protection of the personal data of the users of the websites and and the customers of the company’s webshop.
Personal data is collected, processed and used by the IT systems maintained by the company for the website, respecting the data protection regulations currently in force.

1. General Information on the Protection of Personal Data
We shall protect and secure your personal data—as well as all of the other data generated in the company’s operations—in the best way possible and continually.
We will give you information at any time about all of the procedures that refer to your individual personal data processed by us (an email to our Data Protection Commissioner is enough – mailto:
Below, we inform you of your rights, which are linked to the individual processing stages (as listed in detail).
Personal data that we process in connection with use of the website is deleted in principle if

  • the usage purpose no longer prevails,
  • there are no legally stipulated storage periods or they have expired.

If there are unforeseen incidents with your personal data and this results in a loss for the user, or such a loss can be expected, we shall inform the user without undue delay. We are grateful for any information about faults or manipulation. Because even our IT systems—just like all others—can be attacked with enough effort, in spite of the highest levels of protection.

2. Information on Individual Processing Steps
2.1 Processing Personal Data as Part of a User Inquiry
In the context of inquiries by email, for example for information material/quotes on products and/or company services, Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH shall store the personal data transmitted with them (user’s email address, first name and surname). Optionally, the user can also state their title, address, telephone number and information about a product and/or service from the company and send individual messages to the company using free text. 

  • This data will be processed to deal with the inquiry.
  • The personal data entered as part of registration will be processed so that you can use the services of Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH, in particular the contact function.

Rights of the User under the EU General Data Protection Regulation:
The use of personal data described above by Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH may be revoked by the affected user at any time with effect for the future. To exercise the right the object (filing): see Number 3.

2.2 Processing Personal Data as Part of Using the Website

a) Access to the website
Every time the website is accessed, usage data is transmitted by the internet browser used by the user computer and stored and processed on the company servers in log files. This concerns the following data:

  • IP address (the address of the internet-connected computer used by the user to transmit website-related files)
  • Website URL, from which the request (= the inquiry process of the user’s computer) comes
  • Date and time of the request 
  • Content of the request (= web page specifically accessed)
  • Success of the request (status message)
  • Session ID (identification number for the use)
  • Difference between the time zone and Greenwich Meantime (GMT)
  • Amount of data transmitted
  • Browser used by the user (type, version, language)
  • Operating system of the user’s computer

With further data stored on the user’s access or host provider about his or her identity as its client, this can become personal data or data that can identify a person. Through the mere usage process ("surfing"), these data are transmitted, not stored beyond the usual duration of the calculation process and not—for whatever purposes—evaluated on a personal basis. 
The purpose of processing this user personal data is to enable an efficient and safe use of the website.

b) Use of Cookies
Federntechnik Knörzer GmbH uses cookies to recognise the user’s computer in the current and future use of the website and offer the user targeted information and to optimise user friendliness.
Cookies are text files about user behaviour that are stored (placed) on the user’s computer by its browser and contain pseudonymised personal data.
Cookies are also used by other teleservice providers, such as in particular search engines and social media services.
Notes on suppressing the use of cookies by the user: 
If the user does not want cookies to be used or wants to delete existing cookies, they can be switched off and removed via the corresponding function of the internet browser. In this case, limited usability and user friendliness of the website must be expected.
More information on deleting or suppressing the use of cookies can be found in the help function of the internet browser used or via search functions, for example “deactivating cookies” or “deleting cookies”.

3. Data Processing when Using the Webshop
3.1     Use of the webshop without ordering

When using the website for information about our range of goods and services, the personal data described at No 1 and No. 2 is processed. 
It is only when the ordering, processing and delivery process described below is initiated by the user (customer) that more personal data about the customer is processed for the purposes of fulfilling the order (Art. 6 para. 1 b) GDPR) and fulfilling a legal obligation (Art. 6 para. c) GDPR).

3.2 Orders
To be able to process and fulfil an order (customer purchase (goods/services) via the order function of our webshop), the customer fills in a form during the ordering process, which is transmitted to us. The following personal data is requested of the customer:
-    First name and surname
-    Residential address/business address/
-    Delivery address if different
-    Date of birth (to ascertain age/legal capacity)
-    Bank details
-    VAT identification number
-    Email address
-    Telephone
-    Fax

3.3 Order processing
When processing an order, the personal data is used to select one or more products from our webshop, our range of goods and/or range of services and—depending on the customer’s wishes—to individualise it/them. This process is logged in our databases and a corresponding customer profile is created which is used only to process the order and for simplified processing of any future orders from the same customer.

3.4 Delivery
The ordered goods are delivered on our behalf by a logistics company of our choice – or after further discussion with the customer. This company is given the personal data necessary for this purpose (name and contact data) for further processing in line with the contract.

3.5 Returns
In the case of customer returns associated with exercising the right of revocation, personal data is processed to implement this process (in particular, bank data for reimbursing the purchase price).

3.6 Complaints/liability for material defects
In the case of customer complaints or processes associated with liability for material defects, the customer’s personal data is processed to implement this process (in particular, bank data for reimbursing the purchase price, delivery of a defect-free product, correction of defects).

3.7 Deleting the personal data from webshop use
The customer’s personal data described above is deleted after expiry of all storage periods prescribed the law, especially tax law. 
Rights of the User under the EU General Data Protection Regulation:
The user affected (customer) has the rights under No. 4.

4. Rights of the affected user
The affected user of the website has the following rights under Art. 15 – 21 of the EU GDPR

  • The right to information according to Article 15 GDPR
  • The right to rectification according to Article 16 GDPR
  • The right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”) according to Article 17 GDPR
  • The right to restriction of processing according to Article 18 GDPR
  • The right to data portability according to Article 20 GDPR
  • The right to object subject to the provisions of Article 21 GDPR

All that is needed to exercise the above-mentioned rights is an email to:
All information and all of our activities under the regulations above are—depending on the material and legal situation—free of charge in principle and transmitted or provided within the stipulated times.

5. Information on the company’s data protection commissioner
Our data protection commissioner is entered in the register of the competent authority. 
He is available for all matters relating to the protection of personal data and can be contacted at the following email address:
Pfullingen, 25.05.2018